Cognitive BI for Big Data

Natural Language Query Interface & Automatic Data Modeling

Futuristic big data business intelligence solution that provides a smart machine with natural language query answering and search interface to analyze and visualize disparate data residing anywhere in corporate databases, Hadoop and other big data platforms, files, applications, 3rd party software, data warehouses etc using dynamic and automatic data modeling. Available both on the cloud and on premises.

Simple Steps To Analysis

Point us to your data from the UI

DataRPM automatically models and indexes the data using our innovative cognitive computational graph search technology.

Start asking your business questions

DataRPM translates your questions into data queries and presents the results with the appropriate visualizations.

Interact and Collaborate

Interact with the search results in real-time: slice-dice, drill-down and filter. Comment and collaborate on data points.

Fastest Go Live & Zero Learning Curve

Connect to any data source using the built-in connectors. Using sophisticated algorithms we identify entities & relationships and automatically model and index data from databases, big data and 3rd party systems or in data pushed using the APIs or file uploaders.

Get a familiar search box and use natural language to ask questions and get answers from your data, without having to learn any coding language or complex software.

No datawarehouse, no OLAP cubes, no complex configuration, no coding, no learning curve!

Our Customers Love Us, So Will You!

Our team of experts in BI, Analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Data Science, Visualization, Big Data, Search and Security have created a unique platform that creates the future of business intelligence and analytics.

DataRPM pioneers Cognitive BI technology that changes the way individuals work with data, making analytics more accessible and easier to use by solving the two main barriers the adoption of data analysis – time consuming data modeling and usability.

This makes our customers get access to the most natural way to analyze and derive insights from data in the fastest and scalable manner with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Quite naturally they love us! And we are certain that so will you!

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